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The adrenal glands are crucial for overall good health. They are found at the top of each kidney and are responsible for releasing sex hormones and cortisol. Cortisol is a glucocorticoid hormone that is vital for maintaining homeostasis in the body. This hormone regulates blood sugar levels, fat and protein metabolism, blood pressure, and the central nervous system. Unfortunately, people can begin to experience a condition called adrenal fatigue. This condition affects almost every adult and can present a wide array of negative side-effects that can sometimes take years to overcome.

The symptoms of adrenal gland problems include:




Frequent viruses



Memory reduction

Weight gain (especially around the abdominal area)


Unfortunately, these symptoms come on slowly and progressively so a person does not realize, at first, what is occurring in their body. Often, these symptoms are simply blamed on high levels of stress and people are put on antidepressants and told to reduce stress as much as possible in their life. Regrettably, these methods rarely work and a person continues down a spiral of worsening symptoms because they simply do not know what is going on with their health and what they can do to overcome the symptoms that are robbing them of life.

The vast majority of physicians are not equipped to properly recognize the symptoms of this condition because they have center not been fully trained. These symptoms can mimic other conditions of the body so it is often difficult for a person to have their condition properly addressed. Sometimes, people go through years of struggling to find out why they feel so bad.

There are many reasons for fatigue to develop in the adrenal glands. Among these are anger, depression, chronic illness, surgery, and others. For a full list of causes, one can visit dr. lam adrenal fatigue center. There are four stages in adrenal problems:

Stage one - Alarm Reaction

Stage two - Resistance Response

Stage three - Adrenal Exhaustion

Stage four - Failure

It is important to note this condition can be reversed but it takes a concerted effort and time. Some people can recover within six months while others may take one to two years. With diet and lifestyle changes and supplements, a person can take back control of their health and allow their adrenal glands to heal and begin working as they should.

Those who feel they may be suffering from this condition are urged to visit drlam. Here, people can find a vast amount of information on this condition and how it can be properly reversed, for better health.