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No segment of the internet is evolving as rapidly as social media marketing for small business. It's impacting everyone's lives whether they realize it or not. Job hunters, renters, borrowers and prospective dates should expect to be checked out on one or more of the social media sites. The trend for social media is that it will only become more important in the future.

A small business needs to be aware of and make use of this upward trend for social media in their small business marketing efforts. The purpose of social media for business is to build relationships and drive prospects to the website. How this is accomplished will not be the same tomorrow as it is today.

Video Content

Video is important now and will only become more so. There are three general categories of videos which are useful for social marketing for small business.

Educational videos are useful for instructing and marketing to the audience. A plumbing company might explain clogged pipes, for example, showing how some clogs can be taken care of at home while others need professional equipment to resolve.

Explainer videos show the viewer how to use the product. These are valuable both for present customers and for prospects.

Entertaining videos are perhaps the hardest to do. When done well, they are extremely effective and can receive millions of likes.

Be Willing to Pay for Exposure

Paying for increased exposure on social platforms has become a must for many small businesses. Paid advertising allows the business to reach the targeted customers they are seeking. A Facebook ad, for example, can be targeted to a specific age group, location, gender and other parameters. This is not possible with a free post.

Automating Your Marketing Strategy

Automating your social marketing strategy will definitely make life easier. There are a number of software platforms that allow a business to market simultaneously across multiple channels. The reduces or eliminates the need to perform those repetitive but necessary tasks involved with marketing on various social media sites. For a small business, automation makes it substantially easier to keep up with the growing necessity of adding new content to their social media accounts.

There are many available automation options, but it would be worthwhile to check with a marketing professional as to which would be most useful for your business.

Mobile Marketing Continues to Expand

In 2015, searches from mobile devices exceeded the number of searches from desktop or laptop computers. This trend continues to go up. Mobile optimization is an absolute necessity for marketing. Google even includes it as a ranking factor. Any website must be able to load quickly and work correctly on any mobile device.

Keeping up with the latest social marketing trends can be challenging, but is worth the effort. It doesn't take long in the internet marketplace to become outdated. However, the prize waiting for any small business who meets the challenge is worth the effort.