We provide the highest quality inspection,monitoring, consulting, safety awareness, land and construction site management services to our clients and their projects within the oil and gas industry.Our dedication to quality and superior service provides our customers with well-trained and qualified personnel whose commitment to job safety and quality-of-work mirror the needs and requirements of the customer. We partner with our clients to achieve safety, compliance, quality, and cost effectiveness on projects of all sizes.

Our inspectors are highly experienced, bringing a wealth of knowledge in multiple disciplines, industry codes and standards. Our inspectors are carefully selected so their expertise matches the client’s project needs. They can be involved in every stage of a project or a single phase specified by the client. 

Inspectors are available for: 

•NDT Survey

•Pipe/Coating Mill 


•Transmission/Distribution Pipeline 

•Compressor/Pump Stations 

•Fiber Optic 

•Facility Inspection

•Lifting Equipment Inspection

•Environmental Inspection 

•Safety Inspection 

•Storage Terminal 

•Plant Construction 

•Hydrostatic Testing 

•Marine Contractor Inspection

•Offshore Platform Lifting Inspection